PHP Tutorial

Happy Tuesday …

Just completed the tutorial task, and as my host is American, the time is of course behind.
Wondering how to get the “of” inserted in the date format display if anyone knows?

FYI: found this one a bit easier to follow visually for the characters:

Regarding database admin, I am with Dreamhost who uses mySQL and PHP mode is PHP 5.2.x Fast CGI.
I find the Dreamhost panel more user friendly than cPanel, which I have used on my previous site.

FYI: Something interesting I came across:
When checking one of my frequent go to sites of a graphic / web designer I follow I discovered he is relaunching his rebranded and renamed site as we speak:
NB: Unless you access this within two hours from this post, you will see the new site rather than the countdown so attached is a screen shot of it.


What fascinates me about this designer is he has constructed his site in such a manner that if you google graphic designer New York he is the first hit.
He is actually an Aussie designer from Newcastle in his early 20s living in New York.
The blog has alot of general and web tips.




My name is Edward Bury.
Please call me Ed.
You could call me Susan, but I may not respond as it is in no way similar to Ed.

You may recognise me as the fool who stumbled into class late last Tuesday.

Above is an image of one of my dogs who has recently moved.
Add a latte and our similarity is uncanny.

I am attracted to this subject in particular due to a lack of knowledge in all things web.
I studied and currently work as a graphic designer, solely in print. I am currently working full time for an offset printing company and freelance.
I have a strong desire to learn all things digital and interactive, and I feel an overdue necessity to learn web design above all else in order to further my career and promote my own work and any other interests I may have.
I have enrolled in Interactive Multimedia and have selected this subject as my first due to my urgent desire for knowledge in this area.

Success for me in this particular subject would be if I exited the class with an overall understanding of the web and programming and the ability to create and manage websites for myself and for clients.

My greatest personal strength is also perhaps my greatest undoing.
My attention to detail has resulted in an improvement in the standard of my work and preventing errors, but at the same time can be responsible for my inefficiency.

I would like to improve on not only my lack of knowledge of the digital world, but on project planning.
I believe the structure required in web design and this subject will improve on my planning ability.
I would very much like to eventually procure a job where I can work across print, web and all things interactive and also offer this complete service to clients.

I have become rather obsessed with the Behance Network for design inspiration:
I used to search the web constantly for inspiration for various projects, but am now constantly drawn to the work here.
An example of some work by a great designer who has designed across multiple platforms, from branding to print to interactive:

Regarding an issue I feel passionate about, Scott Belsky who created the Behance network did so with the intention of organising the creative world.
I know first hand that often creatives do become disorganised, time can run away and many ideas do not eventuate.

If anyone has any general print questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
I have very little web knowledge so I am sure I will be harassing someone for help soon.
I actually did spend a portion of my weekend registering a domain, signing up to a web host and my page seems to be blank for now.
Hence I have resorted to the free site for now.

Lastly, Georgina I thought you were older than 20.

See you all Tuesday.