Mock Turtle Soup

The mock turtle / Alice in Wonderland reference today reminded me of something I saw by chef Heston Blumenthal on his show Heston’s Feasts.

He held a series of dinner parties, each episode with a different theme, such as Willy Wonka, Medieval, and in this episode Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter Tea.  



Surveillance in Music


Just wanted to share this.
A classic so I’m sure most of you have heard this song, in relation to surveillance.

Interestingly, I thought of this in relation to tonight’s discussion and when I went to find it I noticed the first post underneath the video read “Facebook’s theme song :)”

jQuery Features in Use


I posted about this site undergoing rebranding recently.
(a site I often use for useful web and print design info)

On this page Jacob has listed the following jQuery features:

  • jQuery vertical accordion menu for the mobile drop down menu navigation
  • jQuery / CSS article sidebar for easy navigating
  • jQuery transition slide effects

There are a number of other resources listed here which were interesting.

PHP Tutorial

Happy Tuesday …

Just completed the tutorial task, and as my host is American, the time is of course behind.
Wondering how to get the “of” inserted in the date format display if anyone knows?

FYI: found this one a bit easier to follow visually for the characters:

Regarding database admin, I am with Dreamhost who uses mySQL and PHP mode is PHP 5.2.x Fast CGI.
I find the Dreamhost panel more user friendly than cPanel, which I have used on my previous site.

FYI: Something interesting I came across:
When checking one of my frequent go to sites of a graphic / web designer I follow I discovered he is relaunching his rebranded and renamed site as we speak:
NB: Unless you access this within two hours from this post, you will see the new site rather than the countdown so attached is a screen shot of it.


What fascinates me about this designer is he has constructed his site in such a manner that if you google graphic designer New York he is the first hit.
He is actually an Aussie designer from Newcastle in his early 20s living in New York.
The blog has alot of general and web tips.